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Stampede players reside with local host families while playing hockey and attending school in Cheyenne. These families take these players into their homes and partake in this rewarding experience. Host families provide the players with room and board for a monthly stipend. These players quickly immerse themselves into the family and assist with the day to day chores like dishes and laundry and truly become members of that family for their stay in Cheyenne. These lifelong friendships are invaluable to both the families and players.

Host families receive a monthly stipend of between $250-$350, you set the stipend. In return, these families provide Stampede players with their day to day essentials like balanced meals and sleeping arrangements.

As a host family, you will be provided with a written guideline to assist you. Please click here for our "Billeting Handbook".

Host Family Questionnaire - Click Here

To become a host family, or for more information you may contact our Host (Billeting) family coordinator or General Manager at 307-630-6726.

"The boys fit right into our lives and became our kids within a couple of days.  I felt like I was watching my own kids play hockey and couldn't have been more proud of all of them.  We loved having new ones over for dinner, so we could learn a little about their backgrounds and families.  They definitely filled an empty spot in my heart that I didn't even know was there and I'm so thankful to have had the experience of being a host family.  We can't wait for this season to start so we have another season of great hockey and great friendships!"
~ Vicki

"Our overall opinion as a billet family is the Stampede is an organization that gives the feeling of being a family oriented organization. The Stampede makes the players, the billet families, and the staff feel like one large family. The organization places an equal emphasis on hockey, school and the overall well being of the players.

It is a well organized and well run operation that balances the business and personal side with great devotion."
~ Suzanne



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