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Ready for another season- Stampede hits the ice at home September 19th

By: SHORTGO & Rockie Hiser  

Cheyenne Stampede Hockey is already gearing up for their 2015-2016 season. Excitement about their returning top-dog has them eager with anticipation to get on the ice. For his fifth season, and possibly his final, Heath Lantz will again aspire to be the team’s leading scorer. He has been crowned the top scorer in Stampede history with roughly  162 total points. Lantz is of course surrounded by outstanding teammates, and together, they are all striving for another triumphant season.


Stampede game schedules are complete and can be viewed HERE . If you want to get pumped up for the upcoming season, be sure to watch their newest VIDEO showcasing Stampede talent and grit! The Stampede’s first home game will be Saturday, September 19th vs. UNC, starting at 7:35pm.

h/t Cheyenne Stampede

h/t Cheyenne Stampede

Stampede Re-sign top returning scorer and Captain for 2015-16 Season

By: Sophia Etier, Stampede Sports

Every wolf pack needs their alpha male and lion pride requires their robust leader, and in the Stampede's case, they too have their top dog returning for his fifth and ultimately final season in Cheyenne. After being crowned the top scorer in Stampede history with roughly 162 total points, it is suffice enough to say that Lantz's last season with Cheyenne will surely be an extravagant finale. Although he may be stepping down after this year due to the age limit, Heath's career will forever be an inspiration to the young Stampede that choose Cheyenne as their home for years to come.

Backing each of his games with strength and determination, Lantz has certainly set the bar high pertaining to the standards of Stampede "royalty". Along with his returning veteran line mate Thayne Trumbull, this team is certainly setting out to knock off the milestones one by one before the end of the season. For four years, Lantz has ultimately acted as the keystone for his teammates and has provided a significantly strong base for the entirety of every Cheyenne roster. As seen off the ice, Lantz has proved that a strong sense of team and community will triumph far more than a team driven on individual talent and he is certainly leading Cheyenne towards a new era that will have players working towards higher quality collaborations instead of the competitive races to the top.

The players that follow in Lantz's footsteps, whether that may be taking over the captainship or simply joining the Stampede family, will have some major shoes to fill if they wish to maintain the team's high quality of operation. Surely, Heath will carry out this year full steam ahead and will rumble the WSHL in their first year of a tier two standing. Best of luck Heath!

Stampede game schedules are complete and have been released (CLICK HERE) as final adjustments are being made to the WSHL’s Tier II alignments. Stay tuned for more player announcements as the 2015-2016 season draws near.

(PHOTO Courtesy of: Mike Lewis, Stampede Photographer)

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Veteran Thayne Trumbull Returns

The Cheyenne Stampede is proud to announce they have recently re-acquired veteran forward‚ Thayne Trumbull. Trumbull‚ though not in a Stampede uniform last year‚ still made his mark in the Western States Hockey League by earning his 100th career point and being a leading goal scorer for the Roughriders. Trumbull is a Cheyenne fan favorite and an excellent ambassador for the Stampede.

“I am very excited that we were able to get Thayne back in the Black and Yellow. Trumbull’s relentless pursuit of the puck and his never say die attitude are second to none. Thayne is one of the hardest working young men I have ever been around. We as an organization have instantly gotten better‚” said Head Coach Gary Gill.

“I’m excited to be returning to the black and gold in Cheyenne and Coach Gill‚ as well as the move to Tier II. With the elevated play‚ it will be a tremendous opportunity for me to finish out my junior career. Heath Lantz and I are looking to live up to the expectations of the fans‚ and have a successful season for the Cheyenne Stampede‚” said Trumbull.

Stampede game schedules are complete and will be released shortly as final adjustments are being made to the WSHL’s Tier II alignments. Stay tuned for more player announcements and schedules as the 2015–2016 season draws near.

(PHOTO Courtesy of: Mike Lewis, Stampede Photographer)



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